Why Film Matters…

“There is no one creator of film”- documentary Film Before Film

The creation of motion pictures began as a way in which to make static images move. Many individuals facilitated its creation: Muybridge, Fries-Green, W.K.L Dickson (under the auspices of Thomas Edison). What resulted was a cultural revolution; one which would change how people saw the world and themselves.

Film Matters is a volunteer endeavor that shares the beauty and magic of classic cinema with the public at large. While the classic era of film is widely believed to extend from 1930-1960; Film Matters pushes that boundary to include the silent era as well; thereby celebrating the beauty of film before it had a voice.

The films in our repertoire cover various decades and genres in an attempt to educate and entertain a wide audience. Whether it’s your first time seeing a classic film or you remember it in theaters, Film Matters celebrates the joy of movies with you!